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[MG] mg_draw_course_trolledition

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Название: mg_draw_course_trolledition

Добавил: Соник_Йожыг

Добавлен: 31 Май 2015

Категория: Minigame (Мульти игры/Минигейм)

Hi !

This is the new version of the Draw Course in trolled edition ! (Like catmario ect...).

Really, I would like to thank everyone who likes this card, I 'm still very happy and surprised to meet people who ask me if I'm the creator of draw course. Again... Thanks !

So today, mg_draw_course V2 is a popular map in Mg server. I found it interesting to modify this map to an WTF and unfair style. I hope you're not going to get rage in this map !!! ; )

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