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[MG] mg_14rooms_course_v2

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Название: mg_14rooms_course_v2

Добавил: Соник_Йожыг

Добавлен: 31 Май 2015

Категория: Minigame (Мульти игры/Минигейм)

Try to beat 14 rooms with different tasks and layouts; where each room will become noticeably harder than the previous room.

This map is tested and completed with "sv_airacceleration 100", which is recommended you enter in the console when you play this map.

Please report any bugs; goodluck!

Changelog in this version

Slightly reduced the size of the 3rd room.

Reduced the size of the labyrinth in the 5th room a little.

Fixed a major issue with at the 7th room.

Added two more moving platforms at the 7th room.

Fixed some textures.

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