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[MG] mg_sonic_multigames

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Название: mg_sonic_multigames

Добавил: Соник_Йожыг

Добавлен: 01 Июн 2015

Категория: Minigame (Мульти игры/Минигейм)

Multigames map designed to be like world of everyone's favorite hedgehog. There are some similarities with 4all_multigames, because this supposed to be csgo version of it, but I went further this time. You won't find 50 levels of original mingames packed into one multigame, there are plenty of such maps.

This one is different:

No dev "one texture to rule them all" textures

No simple design

No crazy minigames, here you run, jump or fight - as Sonic would do

Each zone can be started with different settings - HP, weapon, difficulty (as you know it from 4all)

In every zones there are several rings to collect (each giving you one "kill" score)

Also featuring:

Classic Sonic music

Beautiful world not unlike that of the Sonic games

and many other minor "Sonic elements"

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