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[MG] mg_hellz_multigame_CSGO_beta

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Название: mg_hellz_multigame_CSGO_beta

Добавил: Соник_Йожыг

Добавлен: 01 Июн 2015

Категория: Minigame (Мульти игры/Минигейм)


mg-hellz-multigame finally converted to CSGO.

What I did:

Changed a lot of textures to fit CSGO. There were a lot of black textures, or see through textures.

Fixed crouch problems. There were places where you had to crouch and you couldn't cause gap was too small.

Fixed errors. In some map games, there were tons of errors. I deleted them.

Deleted 1 game. I deleted soccer game. As it crashed game for server side and client side.

Added ladders. I added ladders where they should have been. There were no ladders and you could see through the map.

Fixed triggers. In some games there were no triggers where they should be. I've added them and set certain chain events. Everything should be working fine.

Fixed crash at Windows Slide game. When you slide full circle you get a weapon, as there were weapons that only CSS had, server crashed, client side crashed. I have changed them to CSGO weapons.

Removed particles from knife, slide map. You won't see particles, but you still can go up or down.

Fixed, trigger push cause you get shaked like hell. You are shakin very little now.

I'm releasing this map early. For you guys to play. I will be waiting for your feedback. If you find any bugs, please screenshot it and I will fix it.

I will do some changes in second release:

Add minor sound effects.

Add minor visual effects.

Fix shadows where they shouldn't be.

Fix minor texture bugs and fit them right.

Add Soccer Game when crash problem is resolved.

And of course leave a suggestion, what should I change, or add or delete.

All credits goes to Pho3nix for making such great map. I only edited the map to work in CSGO :)

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