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[HL2:DM] WTSR: Woody's Tree Spectator Restriction


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Название: [HL2:DM] WTSR: Woody's Tree Spectator Restriction

Добавил: OriginalShaman

Добавлен: 24 Ноя 2015

Категория: Sourcemod плагины

Запрещает игрокам заходить за наблюдателей и позволяет админам переносить в наблюдатели

This plugin restricts access to the console commands 'spectate' and'jointeam' to admins with the permission to execute a given command. The ideais, that only admins with the appropriate permissions are allowed tospectate.This plugin targets HL2DM, because MoggieX's 'Reserved Spectators/Teams'plugin does not work with it.Console commands:-    spectate:        affected as described above-    jointeam <1|2>:        affected as described aboveCVARs:-    wtsr_version:        the plugin's version.-    wtsr_admflags:        a string of ASCII character admin flags (like "c" for "kick") that        determines who can bypass the restriction.        (default: "d", i.e. "ban")Testing platform:-    Linux SRCDS    Metamod:Source 1.8.5-    SourceMod 1.3.6Changelog:-    1.00    -    changed cvar '_admcmd' to '_admgflags', i.e. now checking against        flags    -    removed cvar '_enable'    -    clean up    -    renamed to WTSR-    0.82    -    refurbishment    -    added suppression of team switch messages-     0.815    -    general redesign    -    renamed CVARs    -    added 'AutoExecConfig()'    -    added translation support (translations: en, de)    -    workaround for 'colour problem' with Mästerkatten's 'Spawn & Chat        Protection'-     0.42    -    Initial release

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