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This new version of mg_multigames_devine is primarly to correct the maps because last version can't be launch on new version of CS:GO.

This mg map contains 11 levels that can be choosing by the first who pass the metal gate.

Here is the 11 level with a short description and name of the music’s

HE grenade level: throw the grenade above the wall for explode your enemy’s. Music: CS:GO - gamestartup

Knife level: Fight with your knife and take the grenade at the center. Music: Gabriel Yared - Achilles & Hector Fight

AWP level: Fight with awp and knife. Music: Nalepa - Monday (The Glitch Mob remix)

AK/M4 level: Buildings are destructible! Destroy the spawn building enemy for kill the enemy team. Music: End game - Bot Ride

Deagle level: Fight on the boat but doesn’t touch the water or you be hurt. Music : Beat Ever - Conqueror

Machinegun level: It’s a trampoline level with m249 and negev. Music: Skillet - Hero

Sliderace level: It’s a short sliderace. Be the first to arrive at the end for own the unique m249. Music: Uppermost - Born Limitless

PM level: Fight on the city! The walls are ladders. Music: Metal Gear Solid 3 Theme

Fall level: Fall and avoid the obstacle. Music: CS:GO - tenseccount_b01

Shotgun level: Go on the wooden box to fly away! Music: The Glitch Mob - Animus Vox –

Gravity level: Take and SSG and a knife and fight on this CQB map with the gravity. Music: Battlefield 3 main theme

This map required the equivalent of the CSS command “sv_airaccelerate 100” (for fall and shotgun level).

Add and correct:

2 more levels: machinegun and sliderace.

Gravity bug after the gravity level correct.

Boat collision correct (Deagle level)


A lag may appear at the beginning of each round if you have a low config.

The map has 20 ct and t spawns for a total of 40 spawns but it's not recommended to play more than 20 players on this maps (some level are small)

This name of the map is a private joke with my friends. Apparently, this precision is important.

The name of the map is “devine” (“guess” in French) they aren’t link with map called divine.

There is a secret room, where evereybody are teleported if no level are selected before 60 seconds.

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