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A small but fun minigame map consisting of two castles full of grenades. Each player also spawns with a molotov and HE Grenade each. Lots of more HE Grenades can be found in each castle, but molotovs are limited to one per players to encourage tactical use and prevent spamming.

Early rushers can dash to the two edges of the map where they will find 5 tasers per side, useful when charging the enemy keep. The floating box in the sky can be destroyed with grenades and it contains two smoke grenades which will then drop. If someone happens to fall into either of the two pits then a giant box will spawn in the sky after 3 seconds, crushing anyone trapped in the pit. Being in the water deals low but continuous damage, but low enough for sneaky players to be able to swim around the castle walls and use the ladder on the rear side, potentially getting a backstab on unexpecting campers.

The map has been playtested extensively and works great with 10 people but there are spawns for 32 people. I assume that playing with 20+ people will be chaotic as hell but a whole lot of fun!

Скачать minigame карту для сервера csgo можно нажав на кнопку в правом верхнем углу

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