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Basically you're all stuck in a room on "The Grand Spaceship", and someone hits the "Self Destruct" button (someone has to hit it to leave the room). So your goal is to run to the escape pods before the ship blows up!

Yes, I know its corny, it's suppost to be.

The theme is space, so I tried making a lot of the obstacles with some sort of aspect of space.

OBSTACLES: Jump over moving blocks Fan Rock jump (low gravity) Lasers Strafe down Outside jumping (only have 20s) Doors crush you Lasers with moving platform and fan Climb Jumping x3

There is no more goldeneye theme song after you beat the map because there were problems with adding custom sounds to the new sdk. Sorry.

Скачать minigame карту для сервера csgo можно нажав на кнопку в правом верхнем углу

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