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Описание файла

Grenade based map with some extras to make it more fun.

The players have the choice to either throw molotovs at each other over the glass barrier or to jump into the water and proceed to a bunch of teleports.

To get to the teleporter room you must jump into the water and either throw a molotov into the corner which contains the box or knife the box a few times.

There are three options, you can either:

Warp to a platform in the sky which contains a bunch of HE grenades on it and faces the enemies spawn point.

Warp directly to the enemies spawn point (recalling that you only have a knife and a molotov).

Warp into the top room which over looks the enemies spawn. There is one auto sniper in either of these rooms with a small amount of ammo (didn't want to ruin the map with too many guns). There are also a few molotovs and an opening which allows you to flame the opposing team in the opposite over look. At the end of each room there is a teleport which will warp you back to your spawn point.

There is another path to take if teleportation is undesired. In the teleporter room you will notice a dark corridor. (I tried to take screen shots but its pretty dark.) There is some glass blocking entry to a small dark room which contains two pistols. You can either knife the glass or throw a molotov at it. It will shatter and you will have to blindly find one of the pistols before the opposing team breaks through.

You might notice that there are also a few machine guns on the roof of the map, there is a way to get up there but I'll let you work it out.

I think that's it, I'm hoping that there are no unresolved problems in the map but let me know.

And as usual copy to your csgo map folder

Скачать minigame карту для сервера csgo можно нажав на кнопку в правом верхнем углу

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