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[MG] mg_tomgreens_allinone_betav2


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Название: mg_tomgreens_allinone_betav2

Добавил: OriginalShaman

Добавлен: 03 Июн 2015

Категория: Minigame (Мульти игры/Минигейм)

My first and only multigame/allinone map thanks to Poohbuhhrrr for sponsoring and influencing this work. It has 14 levels (12 atm) to choose from all made by me. Use +sv_airaccelerate 150. It includes ice skating, shotgun factory, bhop(not atm), race, smallcity(not atm), slide figure 8, awps, climb, dodgeball smokes, turnthatoff, touchmybox, nade preicison, scoutzknivez, 50 hp knife.

This is a csgo beta version I ran into issues porting this map over and had to leave out 2 levels for now. If the sdk and game updates a bit I will come back and finish this for csgo more properly.

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