[CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod

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[CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod

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Sourcemod плагин RolePlay mod для CS:GO и для NoSteam

Это лишь основа, в принципе рабочий плагин, но разработчик забил на него и выложил в паблик. Связано это с тем что VALVe очень часто выпускаются обновления которые ломают моды.А особенно такие большие.

Пояснения и прочее на английском:


Еще раз повторю - плагин не рабочий (только процентов на 50), его нужно доделать.Тут исходники



sm_door -- Open the door menu
sm_ent -- Get info about an entity. This is a debug command but I let everyone use it.
sm_attach (doesn't work right now)
sm_special -- Open the Special menu
sm_bank -- Check your bank acct
sm_banque -- French
sm_class -- Choose a class. This is really important, probably most important thing in the game.
sm_classe -- French
sm_class_info -- Find info about your class. (Name, salary, etc)
sm_debitcard -- Give money to someone. Or just look at them and right-click and use the menu
sm_rp_settings -- Player settings menu
sm_demote -- Kick someone off your team if you're higher rank
sm_uncuff -- Not needed anymore but still works
sm_warrant -- Warrant someone to be arrested (or if you see them right click)
sm_rp -- Best command in the game, RP super menu
sm_givecash -- Give cash to someone

Admin shit:
sm_givedoor -- Gives a door to a player (type their name in)
sm_takedoor -- Takes door from a player (don't use these two commands they suck)
rp_info -- Prints plugin info to an admin
rp_money -- Give a player money
rp_door_reload -- Reload door config
rp_door_mode -- This awesome menu lets you configure an entire map using an easy interface
rp_player_info -- Info about a player
rp_force_save -- Don't use this, lets you force DB save of a player
rp_db_save -- Saves entire db, don't use this
rp_spawn_mode -- Configure spawn locations for a map quickly and easily
rp_spawn_reload -- Reload spawn config file manually (loaded auto whenever yo change map)

rp_class_interval -- Time between when you can choose a new class, in seconds, default 3 mins
rp_classes_enabled -- If 0 this whole shit doesn't work, default to 1
rp_default_class -- Default is 4, but you need to set this to like a civilian class. First class is 0.
rp_default_team -- First team is CT is 0, make sure this corresponds to the above variable
rp_door_price -- Price to buy a door, default is $75
rp_door_tax -- Tax (every time you get paid) on door ownership, default $50
rp_printer_price -- Price to spawn a money printer, default $750
rp_printer_max -- Max printers you can own, default 3
rp_vip_printer_max -- Let VIPs//Admins have more printers
rp_printer_money -- Money a printer makes every pay interval, default $150
rp_pay_interval -- How long between getting paid. Default 300secs (5 mins)
rp_spawns_enabled -- Use custom spawns from the map config? Default is 1.
rp_atm_enabled -- Default 1, lets ATMs on the map work if they are present
rp_respawn_delay -- After you die you must wait (default 20) seconds before respawning
rp_team_mode -- I forget how this works, it's some gang shit, team makes most $$ gets bonus
rp_db_mode -- Default is 0, server DOES NOT WORK on 0, 1 = remote db 2 = sqlite db
rp_debug_mode -- Set to 1 for it to spam you with fucking shitloads of debug shit

sm_item -- Open item menu
sm_inventaire -- French
sm_holster_p -- Holster primary weapon
sm_ranger_p -- French
sm_holster_s -- Holster secondary weapon
sm_ranger_s -- French
sm_remove_hat -- Put away your hat. Hats don't fucking work who cares.
sm_ranger_chapeau -- French

Admin Shit:
item_db_save -- don't do this crap

item_pack_enabled -- Default 1 duh
item_maxslots -- Default 50, lets people have 50 item slots
item_save_interval -- 3600 this is how often the server saves data, set high if it never crashes
item_hunger_interval -- 30 every time this happens your hunger increases
item_db_mode -- Default 0, server doesn't work, 1 = remote 2 = local sqlite

sm_car_menu -- Open car menu
sm_menu_voiture -- French
sm_car_stow -- Put car away
sm_ranger_voiture -- French
sm_car_on -- If car isn't turning on when you get in use this, but normally right click works
sm_car_exit -- gtfo the car, normally you get out or in by pressing Enter
sm_car_off -- turn off the car while sitting inside
sm_siren -- Flashing lights WEEWOOWEEWOO, this is a toggle command
sm_car_view -- toggle also, lets you see 3rd person
sm_car_info -- who owns the car, etc
sm_seat -- doesn't work right now, switch seats in a car though
sm_car_menu_super -- This was cool but lag means it actually sucked. Don't use it.

Admin Shit:
sm_car_register -- don't use this shit
sm_car_kill -- don't do this
sm_car_stow_a -- Admin car stow
car_db_save -- you get the deal don't do this

RCON shit you don't ever need to ask about or use please fuck off:

car_menu_enabled -- I hope you guess this right
car_mode_db -- 0 = crash 1 = remote 2 = local sqlite (protip: use 2)
car_menu_gas_price -- price in dollars, default 3.00
car_menu_gas_enabled -- default 1, set to 0 if no gas pumps, or if you hate gas pumps
car_stow_delay -- default 60 seconds before you can stow a car you spawned, prevents griefing
car_save_interval -- 3600 seconds between db saves, set lower if you crash your server lots
car_debug_mode -- 0, set to 1 if you wanna see spam
car_vip_override -- default 0, 1 means only VIP//Admin can spawn VIP-only cars.


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